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For those that know the benefits of using colloidal silver in the sinuses, we encourage you to try our newest product:

Sano Nasal Spray

This product has added organic sulfur and peppermint essential oil to enhance the benefits of the colloidal silver.

The organic sulfur makes the nasal membranes more permeable, which allows the colloidal silver to penetrate more effectively and peppermint essential oil helps to open up the sinuses. 

Sano Nasal Spray is a non-habit forming products.
It is safe for daily, long-term use. 

Sano Nasal Spray protects the body from environmental pollution, pollen, dust, dander and microbes. Mucous membranes that line your sinuses can become swollen when responding to viruses, allergies, and bacteria. The organic sulfur reduces inflammation and swelling. Sulfur has the ability to block the receptivity of histamine in the sensitive tissue of the mucous membranes of nasal passages. 


Key Ingredients in Sano Nasal Spray and their benefits:

  •  Organic Sulfur has a cleansing or “detoxifying” effect on the cells within the body, allowing the body to remove toxins that have accumulated.
  • Organic Sulfur increases enzyme production within the glands in the body, substantially increasing overall resistance to illness.
  • Organic Sulfur increases flexibility in the tissues within the body and increases blood circulation.
  • Organic Sulfur eliminates “free radicals” in the body. 
  • Organic Sulfur helps alleviate emphysema. It provides the body with material to manufacture new, healthy cells, on lung walls.
  • Organic Sulfur helps alleviate chronic headaches. Increased circulation in the brain cells promotes proper blood circulation within the brain. Less pressure and pain result, reducing tendencies for headaches.
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