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ValAsta  is  looking  for  International distributors.

Our mission is to help people be healthy. ValAsta is a service-oriented company dedicated to helping men, women, children and even animals who are suffering from inflammatory ailments live a healthier life.

We are looking for passionate people, bloggers, influencers, experts, and others to share how ValAsta has changed their lives and are willing to share their knowledge with others. 

If your health is a priority in your life and you want to motivate and inspire others to be healthy, please join our ValAsta team. 

Do you have a store or shop that you would like to sell ValAsta products? Retailers can be health food stores, pharmacies, doctors, veterinarians, personal trainers, gym owners or an online store. We would love to work with you as Retail Partner and distribute the most powerful Patented natural antioxidant in the world, ValAsta.

Please email me at for information.