Our Suit of Armor

Do you take care of your skin, like you should? Guarding your skin is extremely important. It is our largest organ! Most people do not think of their skin as being a suit of armor, but it is. It is part of the integumentary system; this means that it acts as a protective barrier between the outside and everything vital in your body, just like that suit of armor. We need to understand that it is just as valuable as all our organs. Human skin is composed of three layers of tissue: epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis.  Epidermis ~ is the...

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Understanding Comedogenic Ratings

Have you ever pondered which oils are best and whether they may clog pores? I will explain a bit about the comedogenic ratings and provide a list of the oils that Innova Essential Skin uses and its comedogenic ratings! What does Comedogenic mean?   First, maybe we need to figure out how to pronounce it:  Kŏm – ĭ – dō – jĕn - ĭc  Now, that was super easy!! Just like riding a bike! Comedogenic is a term to describe the potential to clog pores, especially by forming blackheads. YUCK! Comedogenic Ratings: A Comedogenic Rating of 0 is believed to be...

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