About ValAsta

Why ValAsta was Created

Founded in 2018, the ValAsta team has been dedicated to researching the benefits of astaxanthin, a powerful molecule found in nature. Despite its numerous health benefits, this amazing molecule has not been widely promoted in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Our goal is to change that.

In 2003, Samuel Shepherd was diagnosed with a rare type of bone marrow cancer which could not be treated with conventional treatments. It was through this journey that Samuel Shepherd developed what has now become ValAsta. Sam used his years of education and experience as a researcher and inventor to find a solution for his condition. After years of innovative experimentation, he developed and patented ValAsta, a glycosidic astaxanthin, which is the only astaxanthin supplement patented to treat inflammatory conditions. Through the act of sharing his successful recovery with family and friends, the word very quickly spread and ValAsta was formed.


At ValAsta, we are committed to spreading the word about the incredible benefits of ValAsta and how it can help to improve the health of everyone including our beloved pets. Click here to watch the story of Sam Shepherd.

Samuel Shepherd, Founder & Principal Research Scientist

Samuel Shepherd is a prominent physicist, inventor, and engineer, who has garnered international recognition for his expertise and contributions in several fields in science to include, Bio-Chemical / Medical engineering, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. He is an inventor with 42 patents to date, businessman, forensic investigator, cosmologist, speaker, painter, entrepreneur, and Dinosaur Hunter. He has developed leading edge technologies in the Environmental Fields of Wastewater, Water, Alternative Energy, Carbon Capture Systems, Petro / Chemical, Polymer and Bio-chemical / Bio-Mechanical Industries.  He holds degrees in these fields, including a B.S in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering, which serve as a testament to his extensive knowledge and deep understanding of the subject matter.  In addition to the vast knowledge in the sciences he has also obtained a PHD in Biblical Studies.

Mr. Shepherd's dedication to his work and commitment to excellence have not gone unnoticed. He has been awarded Lifetime Fellow Status at the American College of Forensic Examiners and has been certified as a Class III Homeland Security professional.