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About ValAsta

Why We Created ValAsta

ValAsta was founded in 2018. The years of research on Astaxanthin and the benefits it provides has not been widely promoted in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. WHY? We feel there are many reasons for this; some medical providers may lack the knowledge of the biochemistry of Astaxanthin and how it works on the cell. Other physicians regard it as an unnecessary supplement.

The Pharmaceutical industry does not promote the benefits of this natural occurring molecule as there are no financial benefits to them. However, several pharmaceutical companies have developed artificial molecules to enhance the body’s own immune system similar to the way Astaxanthin works on the cell but may have harmful side effects where the natural Astaxanthin will not.

Samuel Shepherd, Founder & Researcher

Samuel ShepherdSamuel Shepherd is an internationally recognized physicist, inventor, chemical and biochemical engineer with over 37 years of experience. He holds 33 national and international patents and patents pending. He is a certified forensic investigator and served as a consultant to the lunar outpost commission and is also a member of two DARPA teams in evaluating JP8 production from algae.
Mr. Shepherd currently consults as a biochemical researcher in the field of dementia and for cancer treatment for other organizations and companies.
He holds degrees in Chemistry and Physics including a B.S in Chemical Engineering and a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering. He holds a Lifetime Fellow Status at the American College of Forensic Examiners with a Class III Certification in Homeland Security.
In his work using algae, he has discovered that natural Astaxanthin is a PD-L1 inhibitor. This significant finding has extraordinary implications in not only inhibiting tumor growth, but his research has identified the most probable cause of most inflammatory diseases.

Public Information on Astaxanthin

More recently we are seeing reports that several universities and the National Institute of Health have conducted research into the effects of Astaxanthin on cancer and as an anti-inflammatory with extremely positive results. Although these articles have been published, this still requires the individual to search, find and understand this complex data.

Sharing Data

Our motives are to research the advantages of Astaxanthin, compile the data and provide the information in an understandable format.   Our report on the affect that Astaxanthin has on cancer can be found in this report: