ValAsta Questions

1. What is ValAsta and why did we create ValAsta?
  • ValAsta is made with natural astaxanthin using its Patented process to formulate a product readily absorbed by the body. Our product is 100% produced and manufactured in the USA, in totally enclosed stainless steel tanks.
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2. What is Astaxanthin?
  • Astaxanthin is generated by a microalgae; Haematococcus pluvialis (H.pluvialis), and is consumed by many aquatic animals. When this algae becomes stressed, astaxanthin is produced in an effort to protect itself from free radicals caused by the stress. Astaxanthin has powerful protective qualities making it one of the most powerful free radical fighters known. Astaxanthin is a carotenoid, like beta-carotene from carrots and lycopene from tomatoes. The carotenoids in these fruits and vegetables are healthy antioxidants too, but astaxanthin is the strongest antioxidant of them all!
  • No serious side effects should be observed. 

    Inhibitory effects of astaxanthin, β-cryptoxanthin, canthaxanthin, lutein, and zeaxanthin on cytochrome P450 enzyme activities - ScienceDirect

  • Astaxanthin neutralizes oxygen free radicals (ROS – Reactive Oxygen Species).
  • Please view “What is Astaxanthin?” here
3. Where can I view ValAsta’s Patent?
4. Where can I learn more about how ValAsta can help me or has helped others?
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  • At www.ValAsta.net we have several areas that you can find helpful information:
    • Research tab – Filtered by topics
    • Testimonial tab – Filtered by ailments
    • Ask Sam tab – Filtered by topics
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5. How many pumps are in each ValAsta Liquid Astaxanthin bottle?
  • ValAsta is sold by weight, pumps are estimated.
  • 50ml bottle estimates 240 pumps
  • 100ml bottle estimates 480 pumps
  • We use a pneumatic pump when filling each bottle.
6. How much Astaxanthin is in each pump of ValAsta Liquid Astaxanthin?
  • 13.5mg Astaxanthin
7. How much Astaxanthin is in each pump of ValAsta HEMP Liquid Astaxanthin?
  • 10mg Astaxanthin
8. How many segments of chocolate are in the ValAsta Astaxanthin Chocolate?
  • Each 8oz bar has 28 segments
  • Each package contains 3 bars totaling 84 segments
9. How much Astaxanthin is in each segment of ValAsta Astaxanthin Chocolate?
  • 24mg Astaxanthin
10. How much do I take?

“What You Need to Know!“ If you have not been in contact with one of our team members, please email your weight, age, and health status to: Info@ValAsta.net to learn important information on getting your best results.

  • Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant with broad health benefits, and unlike other antioxidants, astaxanthin never becomes pro-oxidant in the body.
  • There are varying recommendations on the amount of the supplement one should take. Studies have shown no side effects up to 400mg per day.
11. Does ValAsta have side effects?

ValAsta has no serious side effects. The main side effect that we have seen has been a red stool color.  Some people have reported an increase in bowel movements and occasionally, the stools may be loose with a mild intestinal upset. This is very uncommon and may occur if the ValAsta is not consumed with enough food that includes some dietary fats or oils.

12. Does ValAsta increase blood pressure?

No, ValAsta does not in any way increase the blood pressure; ValAsta is a carotenoid, and its only function is to neutralizes free radicals (ROS). ROS causes inflammation, Chronic inflammation is harmful in the body. In some cases, ROS will cause the blood pressure to rise, in these cases once the ROS is neutralized the blood pressure will return to normal. Not all High Blood pressure conditions are caused by Chronic inflammation. In those cases, you will not see a decrease in BP.

13. Does ValAsta cause dehydration?

No, ValAsta will not dehydrate you, ValAsta is a carotenoid, and its only function is to neutralizes free radicals (ROS). Most people do not typically drink enough water. We recommended everyone to drink plenty of water when taking ValAsta or any supplements or medications to aide in the process of metabolism and cellular hydration.

14. Is it true that ValAsta will not work if you are eating sugar or fruit?

ValAsta will always work towards neutralizing free radicals (ROS). Sugar, fruit, or anything that increases ROS will tip the scales in favor of inflammation and make it extremely difficult for anti-inflammatories to make the difference they could be making without the added stressors. Fructose, even in fruit, creates high levels of ROS which eventually will increase the chronic inflammation in the body. It will require even more ValAsta to neutralize the additional ROS being created by the consumption of fructose. It is important to work towards reducing all causes of ROS.

15. What is the best way to start ValAsta?

ValAsta is absorbed in the stomach and small bowel. You should start gradually and build up to the full amount, as it can take 2 weeks to build up enzymes. This will reduce the possibility of loose stools. It can be increased more quickly if no loose stools.

16. How long before you see improvement from ValAsta?

Many people have seen benefits in as few as 48 hours. Many have reported energy and relief from arthritis in a very short period of time, depending on the amount of ROS that person has. ValAsta neutralizes free radicals, ROS, if the person has a large amount, it may take several weeks. Please understand ValAsta neutralizes free radicals (ROS) causing the chronic disease, this may happen fast, or it may take a longer period of time. Depending on the damage from the free radicals' results may not be seen for serval months, for example high cholesterol, may take 12 - 18 months before the cholesterol levels return to normal. Someone with psoriasis may see skin improvement in as few as 10 days. It depends on the level of free radicals that person has and the damage the free radicals have caused. In addition, and very important, it depends on the number of free radicals that are continuing to be produced. If someone continues to smoke, or eat massive amount of sugar or fructose, the free radicals being produced will inhibit the ability of ValAsta from completely neutralizing the ROS and the disease process will continue.

17. Can it do a person harm if they take the wrong serving size of ValAsta?

No. ValAsta is considered a food supplement, it can be treated like any another food you are eating. You would not eat more than you need. As regarding the amount to take; we recommend if someone is taking ValAsta for maintenance or as a sport supplement, they should take half their body weight in pounds, and divide that by 13.5 to give them the number of pumps. If they weigh 135 pounds, they should divide that in half 67.5 pounds divide that by 13.5 = 5 pumps. If someone has chronic inflammation or if they have a HS-CRP over 3/ml they can double this amount, so they can take 10 pumps if they weigh 135 pounds. Since it is a food and has no side effects, if that amount is not helping with specific symptoms, such as arthritis, they can increase by 3 pumps every 3 - 5 days until they notice the condition has improved. Once it is under control, they can reverse and lower it by 3 pumps every 3 - 5 days to determine their perfect amount. If they are monitoring the HS-CRP, it would be good to have that test every 2 - 4 weeks until it is back to normal, then every 3 months to maintain the normal level. If anyone customer is confused with any of these above points – it is best to have them contact us directly so that we guide them personally. info@ValAsta.net

18. When do I take it?

We recommend taking ValAsta in 2 divided servings immediately after eating breakfast and lunch, but before 3pm (ValAsta supplies cellular energy and may interrupt sleep if taken late in the day or in the evening). This will allow full absorption of ValAsta into the small intestine.

After dividing the doses for the 1 - 2 weeks, you can take it ALL after breakfast or lunch at your convenience.

  • Each capsule will hold 3 - 4 pumps – Watch a video on how to fill capsules
  • If you choose not to fill the capsules – you can simply pump directly on a spoonful of food or directly into your mouth.
  • If pumping daily, we recommend leaving the cap off to avoid dripping.
  • We do not recommend pumping ValAsta on hot food as this may cause a loss of potency of the product.
19. Why do I need to take so many pumps when other brands of astaxanthin are 4 - 12mg a day?
  • The patented ValAsta is the Astaxanthin molecule with a glucose molecule attached creating a more absorbent molecule – determining serving amount based on weight will help you get the health improvements you’re looking for- that is why a 200lb person will need more than a 100lb person – and a person with cancer will be dosed at a higher serving as well.
  • Dosing at 4mg - 12mg as a standard for everyone is old research – the 1mg per KG body weight is based on what the scientific studies used to achieve the needed results of the studies.
20. Why is my ValAsta Liquid Astaxanthin a different shade of red?
  • As a natural product each lot can be a little different due to the nature of a natural plant. In the processing to extract the astaxanthin it is concentrated to a constant percentage of astaxanthin per liter. Each bottle has a consistent amount of astaxanthin. Some lots are more fluid, some are thicker, but each ml has the same percentage of astaxanthin.
  • A slight pH difference may cause the coloration difference, which may be caused by the CO2 extraction process.
  • Each lot is tested and meet standard requirements.
21. Will ValAsta interfere with other medications I am taking?

ValAsta is very safe. It contains astaxanthin, a naturally produced chemical from an alga, called Haematococcus Pluvialis. Astaxanthin was discovered in 1938, approved as a fish supplement by the FDA in 1987 and then approved as a supplement for human consumption in 1999. In 2010, FDA granted GRAS Status (Generally Regarded as Safe) what this status means is that the safety of a product has been established by a long history of use in food. The FDA has deemed astaxanthin a safe supplement. That is what we have seen in the years that we have been using it in our product.

Regarding any side effects: The side effect that we have seen has been a red stool color. Some people have reported an increase in bowel movements and occasionally, the stools may be loose with a mild intestinal upset. This is very uncommon and may occur if the ValAsta is not consumed with enough food that includes some dietary fats or oils. 

Yes, ValAsta can be taken with other supplements, medications, or foods. Since it is considered a food supplement, it can be treated like any another food you are eating. 

Most people begin to take ValAsta as an anti-inflammatory supplement to combat free radicals (ROS) to eliminate chronic inflammation or inflammatory diseases. ValAsta does this very well allowing the body to get back into homeostasis or a normal balance. When this normalization occurs the cause of the disease (ROS) is no longer creating the environment for the disease, for example: 

Chronic inflammation at a joint will cause it to become inflamed creating the condition we call arthritis.  ValAsta will neutralize the ROS that is causing the joint problem and therefore eliminating the cause for the arthritis. When this happens, the person will no longer need arthritis medication. ValAsta stopped the cause of the arthritis allowing for normalization of the joint. 

This elimination of ROS process by ValAsta® will occur with all diseases caused by ROS. If you are taking medications for a specific inflammatory disease, you may eventually be able to stop that medication as the reason to take the medication is gone. Some ROS elimination may occur quickly like arthritis can be as fast as a few days to weeks, and some may take several months to fully resolve like cholesterol which could take a full year. It is all dependent on how much ROS your body is creating and how many chronic diseases you have. 

Most inflammatory disease medications do not cause concern when taking ValAsta and can be reduced or eliminated as lab work shows the need for them is gone. Keeping your regular doctor’s visits are important as many diseases requiring medication like cholesterol or blood pressure could be eliminated or reduced. 

However, there are a few medications that require closer monitoring like insulin, and blood thinners. Type II diabetes and conditions requiring blood thinners require closer lab monitoring to prevent these medications causing a condition of either low blood sugar or increased bleeding. Like other ROS induced diseases, once the ROS is eliminated and the inflammatory process has stopped, the body will normalize not requiring the medications any longer. We always suggest that folks on these medications let their doctor know they are taking ValAsta and will likely need to reduce or stop the medication.   

    Maintain a written log of your blood sugar, blood pressure and keep lab appointments for clotting checks and your cholesterol.

    22. Can I take ValAsta along with my other treatments or supplements?
    • ValAsta is a food supplement digested in the small intestines unlike pharmaceutical medications or supplements which are metabolized in the liver or kidneys – it is generally regarded as safe with other medications / supplements.
    • Just take 1 hour before or after ValAsta for the best absorption.

    We also recommend discussing any new treatments / supplements with your physician.

    23. What supplements can I stop taking when I start ValAsta?
    • Resveratrol
    • Turmeric
    • Curcumin
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin E
    • Omega 3
    • CoQ10
    • Fish Oil
    • Glutathione
    24. Why is the bowel movement RED?

    Astaxanthin is red in nature. What your body does not absorb will be excreted in the stool. Additionally, your body must produce enough enzymes to regulate the absorption. Until this occurs your stool may be loose / softer than normal, and you will likely have 2 - 3 bowel movements per day while your body is adjusting. This is all normal and expected. We actually want you to have some orange to red in the stool even after you are on the maintenance amount. This indicates your body has more than enough astaxanthin to neutralize the free radicals being produced. Without this indicator the body may be producing more free radicals than the amount of astaxanthin being consumed. You may notice this varies from day to day as the number of free radicals also vary from day to day.

    25. What if I am having diarrhea?

    ValAsta will remove inflammation / mucus from the colon in the form of loose stool.

    • Is it watery or just loose? This is expected and will level off after a few weeks. We recommend drinking more water to replace the water from having loose bowels during the timeframe.
    • You can cut back on the serving amount as well and build back up in a few weeks
    26. How much water should I drink per day?
    • Your water intake (1/2 your body weight in ounces of water a day – if your health allows additional water intake only – follow your physician’s guidelines). Water is necessary to remove mucus and inflammation from the colon.
    27. Why am I more fatigued since starting ValAsta?
    • ValAsta will increase the enzymes needed to clean out cellular debris, and although it is rare, some clients can feel a “detox” effect with fatigue. This generally passes within a few weeks. We recommend increasing water (1/2 body weight in ounces a day) and lower your serving amount by 2 - 3 pumps per day. When symptoms resolve you can build back up to your recommended serving amount.
    28. Why do I need to limit fruit?
    • Fruit is genetically modified this causing more oxidative stress and inflammation. High fructose corn syrup is hidden in a lot of our foods and is harsh on the liver (fatty liver disease). We recommend 1 piece of fruit a day or 1/3 cup berries. Watch this YouTube Video
    29. I do not feel any different… Why are my expectations not being met?
    • How long have you been taking ValAsta?
      • Everyone is different on when they feel the improvements in health – for most within 2 - 8 weeks they are feeling more energy, better REM sleep, bowels improve and clear thinking.
      • For other clients it takes 3 - 4 months to see lab results / pain issues improve.
    • Are you taking with a meal? (For best absorption)
    • Are you noticing any changes in energy, sleep, or bowel improvements?
    • We do recommend giving it at least 3 - 4 months taking consistently with food and then determine benefits.
    30. I do not see a doctor – can you tell me more about this wound / symptom / drainage / diet?
    • Unfortunately, we are not a medical office and cannot advise on any topics other than ValAsta related questions.
    • Clients that DO have a physician: ValAsta recommends you follow up with your physician for a complete physical exam.
    31. Should I do chemo / radiation?
    32. What is a bell curve, and is it seen in Chemical and Radiation therapies?

    The Bell Curve is a rise in Cancer Markers, it is also seen in Chemical and Radiation therapies. Traditional medicine calls the increase in Cancer Markers a “rise”, ValAsta describes this “rise” as the Cancer Marker Bell Curve because the rise will eventually decrease. This Bell Curve is a phenomenon that occurs when the Cancer Markers rise temporarily and fall after a period of time.

    The cause of the rise occurs as the free radicals inside the cancer cells are neutralized by ValAsta thereby increasing the pH level of the cancer cell causing the cell to die quickly. The cancer cell rupture causes the release of large amounts of the tumor marker into the blood stream. The normal healthy cells are not damaged but are protected by ValAsta from ROS.

    Although the destruction of the cancer cell is different, the CA Marker rise will also occur when the cancer cell is destroyed with Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy. (Both Chemo and Radiation can also affect normal cells either by damage or death.)

    It may take several weeks to months for the Cancer Markers to fall back to normal. Oncologists understand this phenomenon and delay lab work during treatment. It is important that when someone is taking ValAsta that they inform their doctor prior to having lab work drawn. If the doctor is unaware of ValAsta and the client is not having Chemo or radiation, the doctor may consider the cancer to be growing. Let the doctor know that you would expect the CA Markers to be elevated since you are taking ValAsta. ValAsta works synergistically with many of the chemo treatments as it neutralizes the free radicals within the cancer cell and protects the normal cells when receiving radiation.

    It should be noted that even with the increase or surge in CA Markers studies have shown patients had clinical benefits from the Chemical and Radiation therapies. This rise in Cancer Marker levels after initiation of either ValAsta or traditional therapies should not be used as an indicator of progressive disease.

    Finally, studies also show that Cancer Markers can increase with non-cancerous diseases such as: Anemia, Thyroid disease, Ovarian cysts (benign), Kidney disease, Kidney stones, Hepatitis, Sarcoidosis.

    33. I have read not to take astaxanthin with hormone positive cancers or hormone blockers, is this true?
    34. Does the tumor size increase when dying?

    Yes, as the tumor cells die and break up, the body's white cells clear the debris and cause an inflammatory process, like a bruise. This inflammatory reaction can make the mass look larger, but this does not necessarily reflect tumor response or growth. These inflammatory reactions usually subside over time, but it may take a few months to see this on CT scan or even up to a year on MRI. Some types of tumor cells shrink very quickly with radiation therapy, and this shrinkage can be seen on a radiology scan. Even if no shrinkage is seen right away, cells may still be dying in response to radiation, sometimes causing an inflammatory response that can even make a mass look larger! A PET scan can be used to detect residual or recurrent tumor activity. (see FAQ 35)

    See Sam’s Video explanation links below

    35. Does a CT scan or PET scan show if a cancer tumor is dying?

    A positron emission tomography (PET) scan uses a radioactive drug called a tracer to show both normal and abnormal cell metabolic activity. A PET scan can often detect the cancerous tumor of the tracer in diseases before the disease shows up on other imaging tests, such as computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Doctors often will use CT or MRI testing as it is less expensive, and insurance may not cover the PET scan. However, getting a PET scan before treatment and again after treatment can give a more definitive answer to tumor death. Here is a before and after CT scan compared to a PET scan of the same patient. You can see the CT scans on the left and PET scans on the right. Even though the CT scan on the bottom left (c.) shows a bigger tumor, the PET scan on the right (d.) does not show any uptake of the tracer. In addition to the scans, the patient was doing better overall health. The patient’s health status should be evaluated with lab and radiology tests, are they feeling better, eating better, gaining weight, all should be part of the evaluation on the patient status.

    A patient with a primary tumor in the colon. The pre-treatment CT scan (a) shows a peritoneal mass (arrows), corresponding to the PET scan (b). a lesion with markedly increased fludeoxyglucose (FDG) uptake on the PET scan The CT scan (c) obtained 2 months after treatment showed that the mass had become larger; however, there was no appreciable FDG uptake seen on the FDG PET scan (d), which corresponded to clinical improvement. Reproduced with permission from Choi et al

    36. Can I give to my dog or cat?
    • Yes, but only the ValAsta Liquid Astaxanthin.
    • DO NOT give animals the ValAsta HEMP Liquid Astaxanthin or ValAsta Astaxanthin Chocolate.

    General Questions

    37. Does ValAsta have a Facebook page?
    38. Do Capsules come with each ValAsta Liquid Astaxanthin order?

    Yes, each order comes with enough capsules to pump 3 - 4 in each. If you are only pumping 1 - 2 in each, you may purchase additional capsules.

    39. Why does ValAsta cost so much?

    Astaxanthin production is very expensive, here are the steps to produce ValAsta. Each step has its costs.

    • Cleanroom: The growth of the microalgae Haematococcus Pluvialis begins in the cleanroom, in which the pure algae seed is selected and cultivated under controlled environmental conditions.
    • Growth: After cultivation, the algae cultures are transferred into sterile bottles, in which they then continue to grow. If they have reached a precisely defined size, they are transferred into green phase photobioreactors. The reactors ensure constant cell growth under controlled and independent environmental conditions. When the highest algae cell density is reached, the cultures are finally transferred to red phase photobioreactors.
    • Astaxanthin synthesis: In order to initiate the synthesis of Astaxanthin, the algae cultures are gradually exposed to a very sensitive stress process consisting of intense light and nutrient deficiency. The requirements for this synthesis are precisely defined, so that identical conditions are the basis of a standardized product quality. The particular innovation: A special high-energy LED lighting technology ensures that the microalgae produce Astaxanthin particularly quickly and almost simultaneously under standardized conditions and insulated from environmental influences. The advantage: High-purity biomass on a purely natural basis. When the desired amount of Astaxanthin has formed, the crops are completely harvested from the red phase photobioreactors.
    • Harvest and powder production: The Haematococcus Pluvialis biomass obtained in this way from the red-phase-photo-light reactors is separated from the liquid medium (pure water) and dehydrated. Then the cells are opened to obtain high-quality astaxanthin.
    • Astaxanthin extraction: Astaxanthin is using a solvent-free, stable, and standardized CO² process that guarantees that a pure, chemical-free, uncontaminated, and standardized product is available for further processing.
    • Astaxanthin production to ValAsta: Takes this basic astaxanthin and further develops is to a glucosidic / liposomal astaxanthin using our Patented process. Making ValAsta the most absorbable astaxanthin on the market.
    40. Is it cheaper to use a different brand of Astaxanthin?

    In short no! Price comparison by milligrams, ValAsta price is comparable to other brands on the market, but none are both glucosidic / liposomal making it the most absorbable available.

    41. How do I cancel or modify an order?
    • If your order is placed while logged into your account, there is a very limited window of time, approximately 30 minutes from the time the order was placed, in which you are able to cancel it or make specific changes, including changing your shipping address, contact our Customer Service Team at 803.470.1913.
    • Note that you cannot add items to your order once it has been placed.
    • Once the limited window of time has passed, an order cannot be modified, even by our team. If you want to add additional products, you will need to place a second order, including shipping.
    42. Do I need to refrigerate ValAsta?
    • No, but it must be kept in a cool environment, avoiding access heat. As this will affect the efficacy of the Astaxanthin.
    • You may store the ValAsta Astaxanthin Chocolate in the refrigerator if you desire, but not necessary.
      • If you purchase ValAsta Astaxanthin Chocolate in the Warmer Months, we do recommend refrigerating immediately, keep chocolate tightly wrapped in an airtight container packaging, and store in a cool, dry place at 60 – 75°F. Not following these storage conditions could cause the chocolate to "bloom," or develop a reddish-colored powdery surface on the chocolate, this is caused by sugar or fat crystals rising to the surface. Should this happen, the chocolate is safe to eat and effective, however the texture may suffer.
    • DO NOT refrigerate ValAsta Liquid Astaxanthin, as it contains olive oil, and this will solidify causing issues with the airless pump bottles.
    43. Does ValAsta accept returns?
    • We only accept returns on unopened packages within 60 days of order. We have this policy in an effort to protect the safety of the products. We recommend checking product details and reviews of an item before purchasing, also please call our office for any questions on the use of products or serving amounts.
    • After opening and you choose not to use the product for any reason, we encourage you to pass it along to someone who may be interested in the benefits of ValAsta
    44. What if an item is incorrect or damaged / defective?
    • Incorrect item: If you received an incorrect item in your order, please contact us at info@ValAsta.net, we will exchange it at no charge.
    • Defective bottle: There are a few things you may be able to try.
      • ValAsta uses airless, vacuum bottles and occasionally the membrane inside will stick, or the bottle will lose its vacuum. Do not open the bottle, there is no tube in the bottle. We suggest you place your finger over the opening and pump a few times quickly.
      • Place the bottle on its top for several hours. Try again, if this does not work, you will need to return it.
      • If you see discoloration around the seal of the bottle, this is not due to leaking, this is due to a small amount of ValAsta on the threads from the filling production. Astaxanthin has a molecular structure, allowing for it to migrate out.
      • Damaged item: If you received a damaged item in your order, please contact us at info@ValAsta.net
    45. How do I remove astaxanthin off clothing / countertops?
    • Soak in olive oil 5mins - blot with paper towels – repeat with clean olive oil until it is removed. Then soak the olive oil out with dawn blue detergent.
    • Spot shot (amazon)
    46. How do I travel with ValAsta?
    • ValAsta Liquid Astaxanthin you can pre-pump your capsules and carry them in an old vitamin jar.
    • ValAsta Astaxanthin Chocolate you can breakoff the segments that you will need and keep them in a cool bag with an ice pack so they will not melt.

    Shipping Questions

    47. How long will it take for me to receive my ValAsta Order?
    • ValAsta is not responsible for the timing of deliveries. 
    • All orders are shipped Monday through Friday mid-November to mid-April.
    • During warmer months, mid-April through mid-November, our shipping schedule changes.
      • ValAsta Astaxanthin Chocolate orders will only ship Monday through Wednesday due to the perishable nature. All other products will ship Monday through Friday. Read more about our WARM WEATHER SHIPPING on our Shipping Policy
    • Orders placed after 11AM will ship the following business day.
    • No Saturday or Sunday deliveries are available.
    48. What if I put in the wrong shipping address?

    It is your responsibility to ensure the information in your order is correct; we cannot offer refunds or replacements on orders for which the incorrect shipping address was entered at checkout. Please contact our Customer Service Team at 803.470.1913 as soon as possible. There is a very short window to make the address change before shipment. We will correct the address in the system, however if your order has already shipped, ValAsta will not be responsible for replacements or refunds.

    49. What if my package shows as “Delivered” but I did not receive it?
    • If your order status or tracking details show that your package was delivered, but you cannot locate it, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours before taking action, as order status or tracking details may sometimes be changed ahead of a package’s delivery. Once that time has passed, try the following:
    • Look for a notice of attempted delivery.
    • Check nearby spots where the package may have been left.
    • Ask a neighbor if they accepted a delivery on your behalf.
    • Verify the shipping address on your order to ensure it was correct.
    • Contact your local UPS / USPS with the tracking information to let them know it was not delivered.
      • If you’ve followed the above steps and your package still cannot be located, you may contact our Customer Service Center to request an investigation no later than 30 days of your purchase date.
      • An investigation of item shows as “Delivered” will be opened, and this process could take up to 10+ business days. (Please be patient, as the shipping companies have been shorthanded due to the pandemic, this may result in a longer processing time.)
    • Tips for protecting your packages from theft:
      • Ship to a secure location.
      • Track your package so you know approximately when it will arrive.
      • Join up with your neighbors to look out for each other’s deliveries.
      • Install a doorbell or security camera.
      • Consider purchasing a secure package locker or box for your porch.