ValAsta for Animals

Inflammation & Health in Pets

Scientists have discovered that the root cause of most modern ailments and diseases as well as premature aging arise from inflammation (ROS). So, for both pets and humans, it makes sense to treat inflammation directly rather that each health issue in isolation.  Inflammation acts as a blockage to good health. If this can be removed, by treating inflammation at a cellular level, good health and long life may be achieved for your pet.

How Exactly Does Inflammation from ROS Damage Health?

Inflammation will occur when Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) occurs as part of the body’s defense to injury or infection.  If the body is unable to neutralize the ROS as required, it can lead to the initiation of the autoimmune response.  In a healthy pet, ROS will be neutralized by the body’s production of antioxidants.  This process will continue until the natural antioxidant production begin to reduce as the pet ages.   When this critical balance is disrupted, inflammation begins to become chronic which leads to chronic inflammatory diseases.  This chronic inflammation is highly detrimental to health and can lead to a whole host of minor ailments, premature aging and chronic diseases.

The most common Inflammatory ailments and diseases we see in pets are arthritis, premature aging, obesity, damage to eyesight, cancer, depression, lack of energy, diabetes, joint issues and arthritis, irritable bowel disease, skin issues, neuromuscular disorders, central nervous system disorders, aging of the brain, mange, poor immune system, Pancreatitis & liver problems.

How ValAsta Can Support The Immune Systems

ValAsta can help support a weakened immune system and to protect against the impact of ROS.  When the inflammation is reduced by neutralizing the ROS, the body can heal the damage allowing the pet to live a healthier life without the damaging effects from inflammation.

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Is Astaxanthin Safe?

The safety of astaxanthin administered orally was assessed in a medical trial undertaken in healthy adults. Volunteers were administered astaxanthin or placebo for eight-weeks. The authors concluded that healthy adults could safely consume natural astaxanthin.

In another study, high concentrations of astaxanthin were tested with blood taken from volunteers, 8 of whom were taking aspirin and 12 who were not. Even medical grade concentrations of astaxanthin had no adverse effects.

No significant side effects have been reported so far in published human studies in which astaxanthin was administered to humans.

Are There Any Side Effects?

  • Astaxanthin has been classified as a generally safe supplement in the USA.
  • ValAsta is 100% natural and has no serious side effects.
  • The only side effects we have observed are a slightly reddish stool and in rare cases some stomach discomfort.

Benefits of ValAsta

  • The only Patented astaxanthin for treatment of diseases.
  • The world’s strongest natural anti-inflammatory.
  • The world’s strongest natural antioxidant.
  • 6000 x stronger than vitamin C
  • Used to reduce chronic inflammation.
  • Used as an anti-ageing supplement.
  • Used as a health & fitness supplement.
  • Protects health at a cellular level.
  • Neutralized free radicals or ROS.