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Cervical Cancer caused by the Papilloma Virus Awareness Month

How Astaxanthin/ValAsta Prevents Human Papillomavirus L1 Protein

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is responsible for the 5.2% (3% in women and 2% in men) of cancers in the world, with prevalence in cervical, ano-genital, head, and neck cancers. Oncogenic strains of HPV DNA were demonstrated in almost all cervical malignancies in women, and, on a global scale, also in 5% of men, in the form of penile cancer (45%) with the HPV 16 member mostly responsible (60%) followed by the HPV 18 accounting for 13% of the cases.

Article: Astaxanthin Prevents Human Papillomavirus L1 Protein Binding in Human Sperm Membranes

Papilloma Virus

  • The size is 55 microns
  • Isocahedral
  • Large Genome (8 kbp)
  • More complex natured virus
  • Soluble stranded DNA
  • Molecular wt 5
  • Non enveloped.
  • Contains DNA 10% and Protein 90%

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