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What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin (pronounced Asta – zan – thin) is a powerful carotenoid (carotenoids are pigments found in plants, which act as nutrients and support for the plants cells). The plant which produces astaxanthin, is a microalgae, which comes from the sea.
  • 500 times stronger than Vitamin E
  • 560 times stronger than Green tea catechins
  • 800 times stronger than CoQ 10
  • 3000 times stronger than Resveratol
  • 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C

The algae itself is green and it produces the astaxanthin, which is bright red in colour, in order to protect itself from the harmful sun’s rays (similar to how human’s produce sweat in order to protect themselves from excessive heat). Astaxanthin has very powerful healing properties, which can keep the algae alive, even if it has been washed ashore and dried up for over 40 years!

This healing ability was what first attracted scientists in the Far East to study astaxanthin. Their initial interest was, if astaxanthin can protect microalgae from the sun, then could it perhaps do the same for humans and act as a kind of sunscreen. They discovered an organism with an incredible ability to scavenge the suns free radicals, through its immense antioxidant powers. What was most interesting though, was that it’s abilities to neutralize and heal the harmful effects of UV was only a small part of it’s healing powers. 

Scientists also took a keen interest in Salmon. Astaxanthin is well known for giving these fish their pink colour and the incredible endurance to be able to swim across an entire ocean and then have the strength to swim up multiple waterfalls, in order to spawn. As well as being hardy and strong, wild salmon show almost no incidence of cancer or chronic illness. Scientist wondered if this could be attributed to their diet, which is highly enriched with astaxanthin.

Are There Any Side Effects?

  • Astaxanthin has been classified as a generally safe supplement in the USA.
  • Astaxanthin is 100% natural and has no serious side effects.
  • The only side effects we have observed are a slightly reddish stool and in rare cases some stomach pain.

So, What Else Can Astaxanthin Do For Our Health?

To understand more about how astaxanthin can benefit our health, we should first take a step back. One must consider that modern society is loaded with free radicals. From smoking to alcohol, obesity to pollution, UV to stress, there have never been more free radicals in our toxic environments.

These free radicals attack our cells every day, so we need a very strong antioxidant to help us to repair this damage. Without this, our bodies become overloaded with constantly trying to heal and we can end up with an auto immune disorder called chronic inflammation. This is where our immune system goes haywire and if left unchecked, can set off a chain of inflammatory events. These create a whole host of minor ailments and general poor health, which, as we get older, often leads to premature aging, obesity, depression and eventually, chronic disease and cancer. This in a nutshell is why so many people are sickly in modern society.

Skin Protection from the inside out!

When most people first start to take astaxanthin, they notice, almost immediately, the effect it has on their skin. A significant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, reduction of dark spots and bags under the eyes, more even complexion, less age spots, greater skin elasticity, less rosacea, less dry skin, spots cleared up, less flaky skin, help with scars and a generally glowing, more youthful, more attractive appearance.

Astaxanthin no doubt would work well as a sunscreen to be applied directly to the skin. It is also very effective as a sunscreen from the inside out. After taking astaxanthin, those who struggle with the sun can find they can spend more time in the sun without burning. If they do burn, the skin heals much more quickly, as it is capable of dealing with the sun’s free radicals much better with the help of astaxanthin and the inflammation caused by sun damage is greatly reduced. In animal studies, astaxanthin prevented skin tumors and collagen breakdown from UV light.

What is Liposomal Astaxanthin?

Liposomal delivery is the unique process of encapsulating the astaxanthin molecule inside a fat molecule. It took Valasta 8 years to perfect this process.

We use high frequency energy to do this, which makes the astaxanthin molecule far more absorbable inside the body.

If astaxanthin isn’t protected by fat (which the body loves) it struggles to make it past the stomach acid.