FAQs - New Prefilled ValAsta Capsules

1. Why did you change your product?

    We're excited to introduce a new option to enhance your experience with our exceptional ValAsta liquid! While the product inside remains the same high-quality ValAsta you love, we've added prefilled capsules to our lineup to make it even more convenient for you.

    The prefilled capsules eliminate the possibility of leaks and staining, making them perfect for use both at home and on the go. We made this change with your needs in mind, aiming to provide you with the same great product in a more user-friendly format.

    We hope you enjoy the added convenience and continue to benefit from our premium astaxanthin.

2. What is the capsule made of? Are they digestible?

    The prefilled capsules are made from highly digestible vegan gel caps.

3. Why are capsules more expensive?

    We understand that the cost of supplements is an important consideration.

    Our 90-day bottle of capsules contains 58ml per bottle of high-quality ValAsta, while our 50ml bottle offers 50ml per bottle of the same potent ingredient. The primary reason for the price difference lies in the extra amount of milligrams of ValAsta per capsule and the encapsulation process.

    Encapsulating ValAsta involves advanced techniques to ensure each capsule contains a precise dose, is protected from moisture and light, and remains effective throughout its shelf life. This process, along with the specialized packaging, adds to the overall cost. Additionally, capsules offer the convenience of easy dosing and portability, making them a preferred choice for many customers.

4. ** I am AN EXISTING VALASTA CLIENT: how do I convert to the capsules?

    Step 1:

    Take your current amount of pumps x 13.5 (the milligrams in each pump) = this is your total MILLIGRAMS you take per day


    Take your current amount of chocolate squares x 24 (the milligrams in each square) = this is your total MILLIGRAMS of astaxanthin you take per day

    Step 2:

    Take your total milligrams per day (as calculated above) ÷ 35 (the milligrams in each prefilled capsule) = round up to determine your number of capsules to take daily.

5. **I am a NEW VALASTA CLIENT: how do I calculate the number of capsules to take?

    Weight ÷ 2 = ____ take this number and ÷ 35 (amount of milligrams in each capsule) this will give you the number of capsules per day (round up) as a prevention serving amount

    Add 1 more capsule if you have any metabolic issues (type 2, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or autoimmune conditions)

    Add 2 more capsules if you have cancer

6. Will you still offer the pump bottles and chocolate squares?

    Yes - we will still offer the pump bottles and chocolate squares

7. How do I store the prefilled capsules?

    You can store them in the refrigerator or keep at room temperature – avoid high temps over 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. What is the expiration date?

    Since each lot is different, please check the label on the bottom of the bottle

9. Can I take the capsules with hot liquids?

    Recommended to take with water and avoid hot temperatures