Cambridge Study on Anti-Aging

Cambridge Study on Anti-Aging

Astaxanthin is perhaps the very best nutrient for anyone over the age of 40 to take on a daily basis. The clinically validated benefits of Natural Astaxanthin in areas that most concern people as they age are quite comprehensive; practically every concern for people approaching middle age and beyond is at least to some extent addressed by this single supplement: Cardiovascular health, eye & brain health, skin health & UV protection, immunity, energy & strength levels, aches & pains, cellular health—research indicates that Natural Astaxanthin addresses all of these and more. 

The attached article concluded that by demonstrating that continuous consumption of astaxanthin for only 4 weeks resulted in skin changes consistent with the reversal of aging process. The authors of the article strongly believe that these findings will be useful for developing new approaches to skin aging prevention, larger studies are needed for further characterizing the described phenomena.

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Anti-aging & Cellular Health

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