ValAsta (Astaxanthin) Natures Immunotherapy

ValAsta (Astaxanthin) Natures Immunotherapy

FAQ: How does ValAsta work on PD-L1 Expressed Cancers?

Most cancers (85 - 90%) are PD-L1 expressed cancers. Normal cells have a smooth surface and do not have hair-like PD-L1 ligands on the surface of a cell. These abnormal ligands tend to block the T-Cells, the body’s natural immune fighters from reaching the cancer cell (acting like a wall) - this allows the abnormal cancer cell to reproduce and grow within their own wall (tumors).

Astaxanthin tends to bind to these PD-L1 ligands which when bound – cancer cells are powerless to act like a wall any longer. Now the T-cells and B-cells can reach and attack the abnormal cancer cell the way they were designed to do.

The Astaxanthin molecule (Black/white and red end long chain) reacts with the

PDL-1 Ligand of the tumor cell preventing the tumor cell from blocking the T-Cell. The T-Cell can then destroy the tumor cell. 

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