The ValAsta Difference Maximum Absorption

The ValAsta Difference Maximum Absorption

Although natural Astaxanthin in an incredible nutrient, once it has been harvested, it is notoriously difficult to absorb. In the past, this has caused people to underestimate its health benefits.

Astaxanthin absorbs into the body when mixed with a fat, we combine our product with olive oil to make it more absorbable.

In order to make ValAsta even more effective, our scientists spent eight years discovering a unique production method, using electromagnetic technology to make our astaxanthin far more absorbable and effective.

ValAsta is produced in the USA, is the highest quality and eight times more absorbable than regular astaxanthin. We do not encapsulate into gel caps either, as the heat from this process could damage the astaxanthin molecules reducing the efficacy.

Our production facility uses the proper FDA standards regarding sanitary handling of product packaging and shipping. We work closely with our partners to ensure the continuation of our supply line so as not to interrupt your ability of obtaining our products. 

Benefits of ValAsta / Astaxanthin

  • The world’s strongest natural anti-inflammatory
  • The world’s strongest natural antioxidant
  • 6000 x stronger than Vitamin C
  • Used in the treatment of chronic ailments and disease
  • Used as an anti-ageing supplement
  • Used as a health & fitness supplement
  • Used to lower cholesterol
  • Used to lower blood sugar levels
  • Lowers HS C- Reactive Protein
  • Protects health at a cellular level

We get questions all the time, “will ValAsta help or cure my disease of ___________.” The answer is “we do not treat any disease; we are not a medical office.” ValAsta is not a medicine, it is a natural food supplement. It does not cure or treat a disease. ValAsta does reduce and neutralize the excess free radicals in the body that causes the inflammation which causes many of the chronic diseases people have. We try to educate the public to focus on Chronic Inflammation. Chronic inflammation is caused by many things including smoking, stress, poor diet, and other things. It is a part of the natural metabolism of the body, it is when the free radicals or ROS (reactive oxygen species) gets out of control that it becomes a problem.  Monitor your HS – C-Reactive Protein and keep it under three.

We here at ValAsta theorize that if everyone over the age of forty would begin a regimen of ValAsta as a regular part of their daily health routine, we would see a dramatic reduction in the cases of all chronic diseases including cancer. The age of forty is when the natural glutathione begins to decrease. Do not wait until the inflammation builds up to cause cancer or any other chronic onset disease.

Join the thousands of clients using ValAsta's Patented astaxanthin to fight inflammation!!! 

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