ValAsta / Astaxanthin - A Novel Approach to Cancer

ValAsta / Astaxanthin - A Novel Approach to Cancer

Cancer is a Tricky Customer

Our body’s immune system has the natural capacity to detect and destroy abnormal cells, thereby preventing the development of many cancers. However, cancer cells are sometimes able to avoid detection and destruction by the immune system. We now know that the reason certain cancers can be so hard to treat, may be due to the fact that cancer cells have this ability to disguise themselves from being detected by our white blood cells, which are the main weapon of our immune system. This gives them free reign to spread and develop tumors, without being identified and attacked by our immune system.

A Novel Approach to Cancer

Most traditional cancer treatments target the symptoms of a cancer, which are usually expressed as tumors. Common treatments include radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, or drugs.

ValAsta supplement works in a different way; it has a unique molecular structure that appears to enable it to target the cancer at a cellular level and thereby inactivate the cancers' ability to disguise itself from our immune system. By doing this, it could enable the body to fight off the cancer itself, as it takes away cancers secret weapon; that of disguise.

ValAsta can also assist with keeping cells healthy, by helping the cell protect the membrane of its outer shell.

ValAsta is also a potent anti-inflammatory, proven to be one thousand times stronger than aspirin. This feature is very beneficial to the immune system when fighting off any illness, as well as promoting overall health and fitness.

ValAsta is a powerful and natural immunotherapy supplement, with almost no known side effects.

Astaxanthin Affects Cancer and Electrochemical Effects on Cellular Structures

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