Asthma is a condition caused by inflammation in the airways, which leads to swelling and the production of mucus. This makes the airways more sensitive to triggers, and doctors often prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines to prevent asthma attacks. However, these medicines can have side effects.

Astaxanthin is a natural alternative for treating asthma by targeting inflammation. It has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation without serious side effects. A study published by the National Institute of Health in 2007 supports the idea that nutrition plays an important role in managing asthma.

Asthma sufferers often have high levels of inflammation and damaged cells, also known as free radicals. To counteract these free radicals, it is important to increase the intake of antioxidants, which can restore balance. Antioxidant vitamins, such as Astaxanthin, have been shown to help with the development of asthma and improve pulmonary function. By reducing oxidative stress through dietary interventions, it may be possible to prevent or reduce asthmatic symptoms and provide a cost-effective approach to managing asthma.

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Is Astaxanthin Safe?

The safety of astaxanthin administered orally was assessed in a medical trial undertaken in healthy adults. Volunteers were administered astaxanthin or placebo for eight-weeks. The authors concluded that healthy adults could safely consume natural astaxanthin.

In another study, high concentrations of astaxanthin were tested with blood taken from volunteers, 8 of whom were taking aspirin and 12 who were not. Even medical grade concentrations of astaxanthin had no adverse effects.

No significant side effects have been reported so far in published human studies in which astaxanthin was administered to humans.

Are There Any Side Effects?

  • Astaxanthin has been classified as a generally safe supplement in the USA.
  • ValAsta is 100% natural and has no serious side effects.
  • The only side effects we have observed are a slightly reddish stool and in rare cases some stomach discomfort.

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