We’re not going to tell you to quit smoking. We all know that smoking is bad for us. Obviously, the best way for a smoker to improve their health is to quit. However, if you are going to continue to smoke, then there is a simple precaution that you can take in order to minimize the health risks.

Did you know these diseases ARE NOT directly caused by smoking: High Cholesterol – Heart Disease – Strokes – Diabetes Lung Diseases – Lung & Mouth Cancer – COPD – Bronchitis – Emphysema Immune Disorders

Gone are the days when cigarette companies in the 1940’s would claim that smoking was actually good for you. We know had bad smoking is for us.

Well, smoking can eventually lead to these diseases, but it doesn’t actually cause them directly. The actual cause of these diseases may surprise you. The cause of these diseases is, in fact, chronic inflammation. The good news, if you are a smoker, is that there is an easy way to drastically reduce the chronic inflammation that leads to these morbid illnesses.

You have probably heard that free radicals are bad for our health. Smoking is considered a free radical. Other types of free radicals include obesity, lack of exercise, fried food, alcohol and drug abuse, injury, chemicals, pollution, radiation and UV exposure.

Free radicals are basically damaged cells that can cause chronic inflammation in the body. If left unchecked the inflammation can then lead to chronic illnesses. An example of chronic inflammation caused by smoking is having a smoker’s cough. The phlegm causing the cough is the lungs immune response to the inflammation caused by the free radicals. Smoking doesn’t just damage the lungs though; it affects cells everywhere. There are similar incidences of chronic inflammation occurring all over the body that you can’t actually see because they are in your arteries, blood and heart and other organs.

If you are going to smoke (and be exposed to other free radicals) it is a good idea to give your immune system a helping hand, in order to offset some of the damage being done.

How Astaxanthin Can Help Smokers

Astaxanthin is the world’s strongest natural antioxidant. In fact, it is 6000 times stronger than vitamin C. Antioxidants are also highly anti-inflammatory because of their ability to cancel out free radicals. Astaxanthin is an anti-inflammatory 1000 x stronger than aspirin.

Taking astaxanthin has been proven in many studies to be highly effective in being able to reduce chronic inflammation levels caused by smoking. It takes about a week to start working.

Once you start to lower your inflammation levels all sorts of health benefits can happen:

  • Your LDL “bad” cholesterol levels are reduced which helps unblock your arteries and this in turn takes a load off your heart & lowers blood pressure
  • The increased blood flow will help the look and feel of your skin
  • Your body will be able to process some of the chemicals that smoke contains more easily
  • You metabolize fat better so that you can start to lose weight easier
  • You should see your fitness levels improve
  • Your respiratory system will be given a boost so that you can breathe more easily and be fitter. Your smokers cough should be improved
  • Your risk of developing a chronic smoking related illness will be reduced.
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    Is Astaxanthin Safe?

    The safety of astaxanthin administered orally was assessed in a medical trial undertaken in healthy adults. Volunteers were administered astaxanthin or placebo for eight-weeks. The authors concluded that healthy adults could safely consume natural astaxanthin.

    In another study, high concentrations of astaxanthin were tested with blood taken from volunteers, 8 of whom were taking aspirin and 12 who were not. Even medical grade concentrations of astaxanthin had no adverse effects.

    No significant side effects have been reported so far in published human studies in which astaxanthin was administered to humans.

    Are There Any Side Effects?

    • Astaxanthin has been classified as a generally safe supplement in the USA.
    • ValAsta is 100% natural and has no serious side effects.
    • The only side effects we have observed are a slightly reddish stool and in rare cases some stomach discomfort.

    Benefits of ValAsta

    • The only Patented astaxanthin for treatment of diseases.
    • The world’s strongest natural anti-inflammatory.
    • The world’s strongest natural antioxidant.
    • 6000 x stronger than vitamin C
    • Used to reduce chronic inflammation.
    • Used as an anti-ageing supplement.
    • Used as a health & fitness supplement.
    • Protects health at a cellular level.
    • Neutralized free radicals or ROS.