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ValAsta V-10 Pet Food Topper ***#1 Superfood***

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Unlock a healthier life for your pets with our Patented ValAsta's V-10 pet food topper! Our powerful antioxidant-packed formula fills the dietary gaps often found in standard pet foods.

ValAsta (astaxanthin), nature's ultimate antioxidant, works tirelessly to combat free radicals—those pesky molecules that damage cells and lead to inflammation, premature aging, and even cancer. By neutralizing these troublemakers and stabilizing cells, ValAsta promotes:

Cancer Prevention: Helps protect your furry companions from the rising rates of canine cancer, with 1 in 4 dogs facing this risk in their lifetime.
Enhanced Joint Health: Helps to relieve pet joint discomfort as ValAsta helps improve inflammatory immune parameters, enhancing your pets' quality of life. 
Effective Obesity Management: ValAsta helps manage obesity by reducing inflammation, preventing metabolic disorders, and promoting overall well-being.
Crystal-Clear Vision: Keep your pet's eyes bright and healthy by addressing common eye conditions caused by oxidative stress. 

Sharper Brain Function: ValAsta helps to safeguard your pet's cognitive abilities by protecting their brain against oxidative stress and inflammation, just like it does for humans.
Boosted Immunity: Helps to calm an overactive immune system and help it respond effectively to threats like bacteria, viruses, and parasites.
Autoimmune Support: Helps to mitigate the effects of autoimmune conditions triggered by various factors, including vaccines and genetics.
With ValAsta’s V-10, your pets receive the nutrients they deserve, tackling the root causes of health issues. Join the thousands of pet owners who trust ValAsta’s V-10 for their pets' well-being. Explore the future of pet health today!

"A Healthy Pet is A Happy Pet!"


Made in the USA